Walking in sport shoes on pavement By Rafal Olechowski AdobeStock_200806768

Dear editor,

During the pandemic, people have rediscovered the simple act of walking – the oldest, cheapest and greenest transport there is. It has allowed us to stay healthy, happy and connected to those around us.

But lots of us still struggle with cluttered pavements made worse by parked vehicles that narrow and damage the pavements, crossings that prioritise cars rather than people; and growing numbers of speeding vehicles.

That’s why I support Living Streets’ Manifesto for Walking, which calls for candidates in our upcoming election to pledge to end pedestrian deaths and injuries on roads, tackle air pollution, especially engine idling, make school streets safe and make walking easier by cutting the clutter on our pavements.

With an ever increasing population in our area it is time we redesigned our streets around people not cars. That way we can all continue to enjoy the benefits of walking and healthier, happier communities.

K Vidler, Leighton Buzzard