Covanta Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility Image: Covanta

Funding needed for Court of Appeal Hearing 

Bedfordshire Against Covanta Incinerator (BACI) has launched its funding campaign for a Court of Appeal Hearing to be heard on 2/3 July 2019. This hearing is to legally challenge the effects that the Covanta Incinerator will have on Marston Vale.

The BACI ongoing legal challenge is in respect of the Environmental Permit issued by the Environment Agency. BACI say that this permit does not protect the River Great Ouse, Stewartby Lake and a local reservoir from contamination by fugitive emissions from the plant.

Fundraising events include a Garden Party at Ampthill Park House

BACI intends to host events and competitions in the coming months to raise funds for its campaign. The first event to be announced is a ‘Thank You’ Garden Party in the grounds of Ampthill Park House on 3 August 2019.

The Garden Party has been arranged with the support of Sir Timothy and Lady Clifford, who occupy the central accommodation of the House. Sir Timothy will be giving small parties of guests a guided tour. The tours will hear stories of Charles 1, Henry V111 and Katherine of Aragon, amongst others. BACI is also planning for special guest appearances.

Local Business and individuals are being encouraged by BACI to financially support this stage of the campaign. A lucky few will receive a pair of invitations to the unique event. Numbers will be strictly limited to ensure exclusivity and security.

To ensure its regular supporters are not disadvantaged, there will be at least two pairs of invitations in a free draw for all other donors. Further details are available on the BACI website.

Ampthill Park House Paul Dixon / Ampthill Park House licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.