The Ghosts of Marston Vale: Stories to enhance your Halloween celebrations

There are plenty of scary places to visit in Marston Vale this Halloween. Such as Station Lane, Millbrook, home to the ghost of Galloping Dick, a notorious highwayman.

This is according to “The Ghosts of Marston Vale“, a book by local author Ruth Roper Wylde.

Ruth had been thinking about writing a book for over 25 years. She finally started to write it in 2016 after she semi retired.

The Ghosts of Marston Vale Author Ruth Roper Wylde (c) Ruth Roper Wylde

She said:

​”It was always going to be ghosts for me – that’s what was inspiring me.

“I decided to write on the ones around here first simply as a starter.”

Of course, being an author of a book on ghosts does mean that Ruth is always asked if she believes in them.

Ruth has seen objects moving, such as a tea towel folding itself into a a square. She has also experienced ‘cats’ that feel real, but fade into smoke as they run off.

“I suspect the true answer is [are there such things as ghosts?] – there is more than one type of phenomena going on out there and things get labelled as “ghost” or “ufo” or “faery” depending partly on the beholder’s belief and partly on what they are seeing or sensing.”

Strange things happen on misty roads

As research for the book progressed people came forward via social media.

“One of the witnesses I interviewed told me that she had a paranormal team come out and investigate her house.

“They told her they believed these few miles around here [Marston Vale] were amongst the most active in Bedfordshire.”

The ghost stories have affected Ruth, especially when out driving at night. If a road is haunted she is more likely to drive down it to see. Even though she get nervous travelling alone at night, especially when riding her motorbike when it’s misty.

“I’ve read WAY too many accounts of things in those mists…..”

Does Ruth have a favourite ghost story from her research?

“I think I am going to go with the phantom lorry on the A422…. and you will have to wait for a later book to read that one!”

Ruth has more information about The Ghosts of Marston Vale and her next book, Almanac of British Ghosts, on her Facebook page.

Ruth is also giving a talk at The Forest Centre on 20th November.