Alan Victor in Marston Moretaine

Most voters tell him that they are “not happy with politicians”

Mid Bedfordshire’s Independent Candidate, Alan Victor, was in Marston Moretaine on Friday (29 November 2019). It was part of his tour of the constituency, asking people what they want from their parliamentary representative. He said:

“At least 90% of people I talk to say they are not happy with politicians. Many say it in much stronger words!

“I feel the same and that is why I decided to stand in the general election. I would like to send a message to the politicians but I can only do it with your help.”

Alan told the Chronicle that many of the people he has spoken to are unhappy because they see politicians as an obstacle to getting out of the EU, which they voted for in the 2016 referendum.

“Many others are unhappy because they feel their voice isn’t being heard and the politicians are leading us down a path against their interests.”

He added that although some feel that this election is only about Brexit, it is really about politicians persuading the people to vote for them because they “are better than the other lot.”

“They will say anything about Brexit, austerity, the NHS, the climate emergency, police, anti-semitism, islamophobia.

“They weaponise any subject that might push your buttons to get you to vote for them.”

He wants Mid Beds voters to think about whether they feel that their concerns are considered once MPs get to Westminster. Also, how often have they seen an MP in-between elections

Alan said that every election is about democracy:

“It is about our lives, our futures and it is about us having a say in what will change in the future for the better and what action will be taken to avoid anything that could harm our future or that of our children and grandchildren.”

He accused the current party political system of hijacking democracy by taking influence away from the voter and puts it in the hands of “shadily funded” lobbyists, party activists, unelected advisors and a tiny hierarchy of party members.

“You can choose to reject this system by voting for an independent MP who will be accessible to all constituents and listen to your opinions and concerns.

“An independent MP who will act only in your interest and not in the interest of a political party that got him/her elected.

“You may think that by voting for Labour, Libdems or the Greens, you can kick out the Conservative MP in Mid Bedfordshire. That won’t happen because your votes are spread across those parties so none of them can overturn a 21,000 majority at the last election. And those parties will also tell their MPs how to vote.

“It will be very hard for any MP from those parties to give you the influence you deserve because they will largely be controlled by their parties.

“Every vote for me is a vote to say the established politicians are getting it wrong! The more votes I get, the stronger the message.

“Please look at my election material on my Facebook page and contact me through my page, by e-mail or telephone to tell me what you think and what you would like to change for the better.”

Alan Victor’s campaign can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

He can be contacted via email or by calling 07925 269641.