East of England winner Image Canine Cottages

Canine Cottages is looking to recruit 10 special dogs from around the UK to join their pack

Canine Cottages has announced that applications are open for the third annual Canine Critics competition.

Successful applicants will be offered positions as ‘Canine Critics’. These four-legged brand ambassadors will act as the paws on the ground. They will be responsible for reviewing cottage holidays, posting on Canine Cottages’ social channels, sniffing out adventures along the way and generally living the doggy dream.

Canine Cottages is looking to recruit 10 special dogs from around the UK to join their pack, receive a free UK holiday as well as some awesome treats. Canine Cottages Digital PR Manager, Shannon Keary, said:

“Our 2019 campaign was phenomenally successful and we were overwhelmed with the calibre and quantity of entries. The chosen 2019 Critics have been amazing and we’ve loved having them as ambassadors for our brand. Now we cannot wait to recruit ten new top dogs for 2020.

“We’re on the hunt for a diverse selection of ‘real’ dogs who love to explore the UK and have their photo taken, as well as a willing human to sit, stay and lie down with.”

The rewards for becoming one of the newly recruited Canine Critics include each lucky pup receiving a £1,000 voucher for a cottage holiday and a doggy bag full of treats.

In addition, the successful dogs will be profiled on the Canine Cottages website and appear regularly across the company’s social media channels.

Potential Canine Critics will need a little help from their faithful humans when applying. The application process involves uploading a favourite snap (ideally one that shows the pup’s personality) and completing the short online form.

Former East of England Canine Critic Dilbert’s pup-parent said:

“Our favourite part was our PAWESOME holiday! We got to go somewhere that we would never have thought of going ourselves, and got to sniff out some new dog friendly places.”

Full details can be found on the Canine Cottages website and you do not need to have travelled with Canine Cottages previously to apply. Previous applicants may also enter.