Community Safety Team and Fire fighters from Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Community Safety Team visited Morrisons supermarket in Bedford yesterday (13 October 2021) to support National Burns Awareness Day.

They spoke to members of the public about the risks and preventative measures involved in safeguarding people, particularly children, against burns.

People were also able to sign up for Safe and Well Home Safety visits in the process.

In 2020, 5,785 children under 5 were so badly burnt they were admitted to an NHS specialist burns service This equates to 16 toddlers every day.

The most common place of injury is the home for children and the elderly. Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service want to raise awareness of how to prevent burns of all kinds, as well as how to effectively administer first aid to a burn injury

Nadeem Khwaja, consultant burns, plastic & reconstructive surgeon, said:

“Thankfully, the number of the severest life-threatening burn injuries in children has fallen over the years. However, it remains vital to raise awareness of this type of injury which often results in lifelong scarring and long terms effects.

“Children’s burn injuries are very common, we all probably know someone who has had one. Most incidents happen in our homes and many can be avoided by everyone having more awareness.

“National Burn Awareness Day brings us all together: health care professionals, fire services as well as schools, communities and children with their families and carers to reduce the number of life-changing injuries.”

Prevention of hot drink burns is easy using simple Safe Tea rules:

  • Keep hot drinks out of reach of young children
  • Never carry a hot drink whilst carrying a baby
  • Never pass a hot drink over the heads of young children

Here is what the Fire service recommends you to do if you encounter someone who has burnt themselves on a hot drink or substance:


  • Cool the burn with running cold tap water for 20 minutes and remove all clothing and jewellery (unless it is melted or firmly stuck to the wound)
  • Call for help for any burn larger than a 50p coin – 999, 111 or local GP for advice
  • Cover with cling film or a sterile, non-fluffy dressing or cloth. Make sure the patient is kept warm

For more information, visit Child Safety-Burns.